What this is

A friend doesn't respond to your text and you binge eat. A car cuts you off and you explode. A colleague criticizes you and you devolve into negative self-talk. We overreact because the incidents aren't what we're reacting to: We're subconsciously reacting to a traumatic event or relationship hurt from our past - romantic, platonic, or familial. Spiral UpTM helps you break this cycle.

Your brain is already neurologically equipped to clear toxic stress chemicals. This app activates that process via a series of simple, brain-savvy "How are you?" style questions. Answering these questions (which takes 1 - 3 minutes) causes a surge of feel-good neurotransmitters. You may even feel some joy. Every moment is not joyous - many are uncomfortable, sad, boring, strenuous, etc. - but the brain rewards us for clearing stress. That's why endorphins bubble up.